The original process developed by Frogs air process for revovery of car bodywork is based on: material memory use, air cushions flexible jacks put inside coachwork which apply strength in the opposite flow of the one that causes the distortion, so that the material comes back to it’s original

7 advantages as far as environment and working conditions are concerned:

The solution integrates ecological and sanitary opportunity, including energy savings, sound harmful effect reduction, and improvement of working conditions:

1-Reduction of the repair intervention time, labour cost reduction as well
2-Energy consumption strongly reduced
3-Material passive security respect
4-Discontinuance or reduction of paints and chemical products use
5-Discontinuance or reduction of polluting ingredients use
6-Discontinuance of sound harmful effects
7-Better working conditions

Comparative points between Frogs Air process technique and traditional one

80% of cases: only 6 steps with frogs air process while 11 ones for traditional
Frogs air process bodywork process Traditional bodywork one
1-Interior upholstery removal 1-Interior upholstery removal
2-Insertion of air cushion flexible jack 2-Soldering 01 rings
3-Air cushion flexible jack inflation 3-Steel bodycar rectification
4-Peripherical pleat obliteration 4-Unsoldering 01 rings
5-Air cushion flexible jack deflation 5-Disc 02 (soldered points)
6-Handtool finish 6-Soldering 02 rings

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