FROGS has developed specific kits ready for use of this innovative process for car bodywork repairs.
No possible comparison with others existing process on the market, Frogs one doesn’t spoil steel.
For the first time the coachbuilder will have strength element inside to allow the recovery to primary shape without coated surface elements damages
How to use material memory while do express repairs, protecting environment and operator.
Exclusive bodycar rectification….completed kits: air cushions flexible jacks, wings kit, hood kit…
These patented systems allow significant reduction of car intervention times, by recovery instead of cementing and steel sandpapering, even if aluminium
Also as a result, car immobilization( and potential car/vehicule rent necessity for replacement) and saved elements reduce costs.
Car bodywork repairs tools:
Full range of elaborated hand tools/accessories, glue kit, wings specific kits, precise finition beaters…
These tools allow full original parts conservation, no structural modifications, and steel quality, energy savings, reduce polluting ingredients use, and avoid any recycling.


Frogs experts can provide and help you to put in place these new techniques of car bodywork
including get acquaintance with the equipments provided ( various kits, tools, accessories use)
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