FROG’S 2000 has been created in 1999 by Christian Sarrion, inventor of Frogs air process concept, and has developed appropriate know how and tools for car bodywork recovery based on:
Material memory use
Air cushions flexible jacks use
Complete product line available: kits, tools for bodywork express repairs

The company has 2 activities currently:

  • Sale of kits
  • Allowance services (professionals & individuals ones

Frog’s designs and markets a full range of tools dent removal:

  • Air Cushions flexible Kit
  • Gluing rectification kit
  • Bodywork Kit
  • Hauling square
  • Kit for Bumper recovery
  • Rotative Haft handtools


1Innovative technique
2More and more known in the car professionals world
3Economical advantage
4Active environment actor