Comparative points between Frogs air process technique and traditional one

80% of cases: only 6 steps with frogs air process while 11 ones for traditional
1-Interior upholstery removal 1-Interior upholstery removal
2-Insertion of air cushion flexible jack 2-Soldering 01 rings
3-Air cushion flexible jack inflation 3-Steel bodycar rectification
4-Peripherical pleat obliteration 4-Unsoldering 01 rings
5-Air cushion flexible jack deflation 5-Disc 02 (soldered points)
6-Handtool finish 6-Soldering 02 rings
7Unsoldering 02 rings
8Disc 03 (soldered points)
9Sandpapering 01
10Cementing 01
11Drying 01
20% of cases: if painting is damaged
Frogs air process bodywork process Traditional bodywork one
7Sandpapering 02 12Sandpapering 02
8Cementing 02 13Cementing 02
9Drying 02 14Drying 02
10Sandpapering 03 15Sandpapering 03
11Taping 16Taping
12Finishing 17Finishing
13Drying (cabin or UV) 18Drying (cabin or UV)
14Sandpapering 04 19Sandpapering 04
15Blowing 20Blowing
16Grease extraction 21Grease extraction
17Wiping – Blowing 02 22Wiping – Blowing 02
18Paint(base mat+varnish) 23Paint(base mat+varnish)
19Drying (cabin 40° – 60°C) 24Drying (cabin 40° – 60°C)
20Untaping 25Untaping
21Waxing 26Waxing